Higher octane fuel is not available in Europe. That's a common misconception due to the difference between AKI and RON octane ratings. Unless you are in Kalifornia where they screw you on octane you get the same they do in Europe. UNleaded is unleaded, plus is plus and premium is premium also race gas, also known as… » 9/10/14 11:50pm 9/10/14 11:50pm

Not me but my friend. I talked him into buying an NA Miata. We then spent labor day teaching him to drive stick which involved him forgetting how to use the clutch and brake at the same time while parking and jump a curve thus breaking a coolant line which we had to repair. Good times! » 9/02/14 7:31pm 9/02/14 7:31pm

im not a lawyer but I would say no based on experience. My family had been with liberty mutual for 30 years and i signed up as well. After a wreck that was clearly the other parties fault they did nothing to help us and after shopping around we realised we were being fucked on rates. Switched earlier this year and was… » 8/27/14 9:38pm 8/27/14 9:38pm

It's a German car dude, if the check engine light isn't on then there is a problem. I have never driven a used German car that didn't have an erroneous CEL and I have never driven any German car with a competent design and number of cupholders. The struggle is real. » 8/11/14 8:37am 8/11/14 8:37am

nope nope nope. Looks the corvette is great at what it does but you can't make an Aston out of a corvette. Not only would it not work but Aston owners would riot. Putting an AMG engine in is one thing, building a plastic Aston is something altogether different and wrong. » 8/07/14 12:12pm 8/07/14 12:12pm

im getting tired of hearing that but the blackbird is not stealth! It has a lower RCS than comparable aircraft of the era but it has been described as a flying door. Modern radar can detect door sized objects no problem. » 8/05/14 7:56am 8/05/14 7:56am

im not waiting 50 years with an xk in my garage to make a little money. They made of lot of those. They have a horrible reputation and won't be collectable. The F type might be, the jury is still out. If you want to make money on a car get a stripper frs, drain the fluids and lock it away for 10 years. By then it will… » 8/04/14 12:48pm 8/04/14 12:48pm

The corvette is not a luxury performance car. It's a performance car. The closest thing Gm makes to luxury performance is the CTS-V and the ATS-V will be an interesting competitor to the Ms/AMGs/RS's of the world. The kind of people who buy M3's are different for the people who buy 911s who are also different form the… » 7/30/14 6:38pm 7/30/14 6:38pm

clearly Mercedes should go back and do what they used to be known for, making the best cars in the world. Not the most feature packed, or the fastest or the prettiest but the best engineered form of 4 wheel conveyance you could buy. I recently convinced my friend to buy a '93 300d (w124) and I am pretty sure its the… » 7/30/14 3:46pm 7/30/14 3:46pm

really? First off the engine is much smaller in displacement than either of the two you listed. Its a 4.0 has gm or Mopar ever made a performance 4.0l v8? Its also likely underrated as all Mercedes engines are and something tells me when renntech or BRABUS gets their hands on one the chip tune alone will make a… » 7/25/14 12:55pm 7/25/14 12:55pm

Normally when people say production engine it means current production engine. Like when they say fastest production car in the world it means current production car. This is a widely accepted standard, don't nitpick semantics. » 7/23/14 11:24pm 7/23/14 11:24pm